#100: 1982 VBC Bowl

#100: 1982 VBC Bowl

Here, I’m sharing a boat racing story from my childhood from back in May of 1982 with a lesson about entrepreneurship. It was an early Saturday morning, and I went to the Vermillion Boat Club Bowl with my family. We had been racing this for years and never won. There was a light breeze when we started, but it quickly died, which was rare for Lake Erie. There were also a ton of mosquitoes and flies, and because we slowed down, they landed all over us. They covered the seats in our boat, and I’ll always remember my dad never taking his eyes off the sails.

Eventually, it got foggy as well, and it was so still that it took us about four to five hours to get to the first mark. The wind picked up a little bit on the second leg and then some more on the third leg. We wound up blowing away all the other boats in our class because my dad took advantage of the little wind we had. The key takeaway from it all was to continue on even when things are moving slowly. As an entrepreneur or an author, just take a small step each day to keep things moving forward. Keep your boat moving and stay in motion towards your dreams. When you’re consistent, you will do amazing things.

What’s Inside:
  • A boat racing story from childhood with a lesson on entrepreneurship.
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