#102: The Power of Three-Day Events with Pam Obasa

#102: The Power of Three-Day Events with Pam Obasa

Pam Obasa turned £500 into a seven-figure business while working from home and taking care of two young children. Pam has a background in acting, and while she was working in that field, there were periods of time where she was out of work. This prompted her to think about what she could do with the money in her bank account along with her skills to get some income flowing in between acting jobs. Pam then created her first offer and sold it to schools, which then became a six-figure business. Eventually, it became her main thing.

Pam shares her story and how she recreated her offer after experiencing some personal challenges in 2020. Today, she shows others how to create their own three-day events and teach their passion. Once you have it set up, you can continue to run it and generate even more revenue. Pam walks through how to structure a three-day event around solving a problem for your audience. She shares how to sell a high-ticket offer within your event to skyrocket your income. We also discuss how to run your program while still at your nine-to-five and typical backend offers.

What’s Inside:
  • How Pam turned £500 into a seven-figure business.
  • How to structure a three-day event and sell your high-ticket offer.
  • How to run your events while still working your day job.
Mentioned In This Episode:

The Seed Method
Pam Obasa on YouTube

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