#030: Making Ads Work for You with Brian Berni

#030: Making Ads Work for You with Brian Berni

Brian Berni is the co-founder and Head Strategist of BookAds. Through his company, he helps over 150 people every month find success through managing their ads across several platforms to sell more books. He’s an Amazon expert and he’s built an amazing reputation as an author himself of both fiction and non-fiction books. Brian also runs virtual summits to help fiction authors succeed in publishing to turn their passion into a lucrative business.

Brian started self-publishing in 2014 with no experience. He took a basic course and then became hooked. Being around books his entire life, he decided that the next logical step was to try and write and found success publishing under pen names. Everything changed in 2016/2017 when Brian started hearing about Amazon ads. When the platform was first launched, it was rudimentary and extremely easy to use, and he’s watched it grow into what it is today. After realizing how much of an advantage it gave authors, he started his company and began managing ads as a service.

Brian packs so much information in this episode on how you can make ads work for you and how you can set yourself up for success on Amazon. He also shares his experience with running successful virtual summits. If you feel like you could be a good candidate for ads and you’re interested in working with Brian, check out his website below or send him an email directly.

What’s Inside:

  • How and why Brian started his company, Bookads.com.
  • What determines how well a book will do with ads.
  • How fiction authors can turn their passion into a business.
  • Brian’s experience with running virtual summits.

Mentioned In This Episode:


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