#040: Advanced Amazon Ads with Alex Strathdee

#040: Advanced Amazon Ads with Alex Strathdee

Alex Strathdee is an Amazon ads expert. He married his passion for books with technology to create his company, Advanced Amazon Ads. Alex started out as an eager author, under the impression that his book was going to sell tons of copies. He quickly realized that without a game plan, that just doesn’t happen. Alex’s first attempt at running ads on Amazon didn’t turn out so well. He wound up working with someone who was more of an expert and learned as much as he could about the process. He also noticed that there was a lack of affordable ad services for authors and so he decided to start his business. Through word-of-mouth marketing, Alex now manages over 130 accounts. His background in tech allowed him to automate many of his processes to keep his rates in a reasonable price range.

There are many myths about the Amazon algorithm and it’s difficult to optimize your ads without knowing what you’re doing. Alex doesn’t take anyone’s word on what works and what doesn’t, and he puts everything through testing. To be the best in this space, he believes you have to try out things for yourself and do your due diligence. Alex shares some of the ad strategies he uses to make his clients successful so you can put them into practice yourself. If you’re interested in learning more, check out his website below.

What’s Inside:

  • Alex’s story of how he got into Amazon ads and why he started his company.
  • Facts and myths about Amazon’s algorithm.
  • Strategies Alex uses to get his clients results.

Mentioned In This Episode:

Advanced Amazon Ads

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