#041: Email Campaigns that Convert with Anthony Hall

#041: Email Campaigns that Convert with Anthony Hall

COO of Real Fast Publications, Anthony Hall, creates email campaigns that are responsible for over seven figures in sales. He started over five years ago in a support desk role and was given more responsibilities until he eventually landed in his current position. One of the biggest tasks in his role is email marketing, which he loves because he gets to see the ROI and it forces him to continue to develop his writing skills. He’s an expert on being concise and compelling and he shares why email marketing is so important.

Email is such a huge part of your post-book business strategies and it’s not emphasized enough. Offering free resources to potential customers is a great way to keep them engaged and provide value. It’s important to make your campaigns fun, informative, and educational. Make sure you write as personalized as possible and keep your readers in mind as you’re creating. Anthony’s strategy on how to write an email campaign offers some great tips no matter where you are on your book and business journey.

What’s Inside:

  • Why email marketing is a key component of any business.
  • Anthony’s email marketing strategy tips.
  • Why you should offer free resources as a part of your email marketing plan.

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