#042: Virtual Summit Mastery with Jan Koch

#042: Virtual Summit Mastery with Jan Koch

Jan Koch is the owner of Virtual Summit Mastery. VSM is a leading course that teaches people how to run successful virtual events and it’s my favorite course on the internet. It’s helped students bring their content to countless attendees to their summits. Jan experienced burnout in his former career which led him to become self-employed. The previous owner of VSM taught Jan how to run his own virtual summits which took him to the next level. Today, he helps others stand out from the crowd to see their own massive successes through their own events.

The opportunities that come after the event are often better than the summit itself. The partnerships formed can become life-long relationships that can skyrocket your business. Virtual summits do take a lot of work, so if you’re planning on hosting a large one, it may help to have a team helping you. It’s important to think about the future years ahead when you’re planning your summit, as it can completely change your trajectory.

What’s Inside:

  • Tips for planning your first virtual summit.
  • Technology to use to set your summit up for success.
  • Upselling products through virtual summits.
  • Why you should build relationships before you need them.

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