#043: The Bittersweet Symphony

#043: The Bittersweet Symphony

Today, I want to talk to you about what I call the “bittersweet symphony. I went to visit my parents in December 2016, fired up my laptop, and found that my first book hit bestseller. It took ten or eleven months of work, self-editing, writing, and more and I made it! I had multiple books in my mind ready to go, and I envisioned bringing in more and more passive income.

But the bittersweet part of the story is, about three weeks later, I checked my royalties, and my heart sank. What I thought was going to be a major amount turned out to be much, much less. If you’ve had a similar experience, you’re not alone. Your book could play any number of roles in your life and business and there are so many ways to earn money. Writing your book is just the beginning of your journey.

What’s Inside:

  • Why your book launch is just the beginning of your journey.
  • Why you shouldn’t be disappointed in making fewer royalties than you expected.

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