#044: Think Like a Publisher

#044: Think Like a Publisher

The truth about publishing on Amazon is they can turn off your publishing account at any time. They don’t always give you a clear reason for it. I’m not saying don’t publish on Amazon but being at the mercy of a big corporation is thinking like an author, not a publisher. A publisher would make sure that there are several avenues to get your book out into the world. A publisher mindset is a business owner’s mindset. Taking control of all aspects of your book can make you exponentially more money.

From a strategic point of view, you should be selling your book wherever you can. Although Amazon is a great platform for selling, the royalties are just pennies compared to what you could make elsewhere. Thinking like an author means you’re at the whim of a bigger power. When you think like a publisher, you broaden your horizons and put yourself in the driver’s seat.

What’s Inside:

  • Why you should think like a publisher, not an author.
  • Why it’s important to think beyond Amazon to sell your book.

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