#045: The Five Pillars – Success Leaves Clues

#045: The Five Pillars – Success Leaves Clues

As Tony Robbins says, success leaves clues. A few years ago, I was determined to figure out how people were seeing massive financial success from their book launches. At my very first virtual summit, I asked people how they made money and the common theme was that they all looked beyond royalties. From the feedback I received, I put together a list of the five pillars of an online business.

Whenever you create a new book or product, it has to be worth your while to fulfill. You also have to grow an audience to be able to sell to, and you can’t go wrong with a traditional email list. Building authority in your niche builds credibility and helps you form strong partnerships with top influencers. Once these foundational pillars are set, it’s time to make sales. There are many ways to sell and it’s important to get over any mental hurdles preventing you from making money.

What’s Inside:

  • The five pillars of an online business.
  • How to think beyond royalties to build a successful business from your book.
  • Why it’s important to clear mental blocks around selling.

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