#047: Building on The Fly

Creating a course on the fly means getting paid to deliver your course and customize it to your audience. When you build an entire course and then deliver it, you might find people need more of a certain topic and less of another. Creating as you go gives you feedback on what strategies work in real time instead of having to always go back to the drawing board.

#046: The Beauty of Book Funnels

Book funnels set you apart from the competition and bring your customers directly to your products. They also give you the opportunity to introduce other offerings to help readers put what they learned in your book into practice. Funnels can be set up to run on autopilot and show potential partners that you’re serious about doing business.

#045: The Five Pillars – Success Leaves Clues

When you publish on Amazon, you’re at the mercy of a big corporation and their rules. They can turn your account off at any time without giving you a clear reason. It’s important to think like a publisher, not an author, to take control of your royalties and success.