#047: Building on The Fly

#047: Building on The Fly

When I was first starting out and thinking about products to launch, I went to a Jeff Walker live event where he discussed something called a “seed launch”. The idea behind it is you sell the course but create it on the fly. When delivering a course, it’s common to find out that some of the things you’re teaching are things people already understand. You might also find out that you cover some material that people don’t know enough about. The beauty of creating a course on the fly is being able to customize things based on where your students are coming from.

When you sell a course but make it up as you go, you’re getting paid to develop the curriculum. When I ran my first summit course this way, I got amazing feedback, made valuable connections, and sold over $40K in upgrades to my done-for-you services. Creating a course on the fly allows you to restructure your plans in real time while making money. 

What’s Inside:
  • How creating a course on the fly allows for a customized learning experience.
  • Success stories from my first summit course.
  • Advantages of creating on the fly vs. creating a whole course before delivery. 
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