#048: Training and Course Creation for Authors with Lucas Marino

#048: Training and Course Creation for Authors with Lucas Marino

Lucas Marino is a serial entrepreneur of training businesses. He’s the CEO of Marino Consulting Services and the EAST Partnership. He’s also the co-founder of Honey Do Today Academy. Lucas spent 21 years as a naval engineer in the US Coast Guard and has a doctoral degree in engineering. While he was in the Coast Guard, he was sent on a training assignment, and it was one of the best jobs he’s had throughout his career. In 2018, Lucas retired from the service and began his entrepreneurial journey. 

One of the challenges authors face when creating online courses is figuring out how to share their knowledge in a more technical way. Many people without a traditional training background don’t have the time to get into learning management systems and curriculum development. Lucas helps his clients with their launches and how to best position their courses with their existing products through marketing strategies. He shares some great tips for authors looking to jump into course creation and training, especially if it’s your first attempt. Check out Lucas and his businesses in the links below. 

What’s Inside:
  • What authors need to consider when creating a high-ticket course.
  • How to approach course creation to accommodate different learning needs.
  • Ideal lengths of time for courses and modules.
  • Why taking action is the most important step in course creation. 
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