#049: Cultivating a Healthy Mindset for Authors with Heather Dempsey

#049: Cultivating a Healthy Mindset for Authors with Heather Dempsey

Business coach Heather Dempsey specializes in emotional health, mindset, and the psychology of business. She helps introverts, highly sensitive individuals, and those who struggle with anxiety show up powerfully and comfortably in their work.  Many first-time authors get stuck with where to go next after publishing. Heather assists authors with market research in their niches so they can create businesses and become successful public speakers. Writing your book is often just the first step in the journey.

Humans are community creatures that benefit from learning from others and approaching your work with a service mindset makes all the difference. Readers often look for more guidance from authors, but authors can suffer from imposter syndrome that prevents them from developing more content. There’s a ton of fear of rejection and not looking good enough that needs to be addressed. Taking steps from a place of service helps authors develop more confidence, assist their audience, and generate income along the way. 

What’s Inside:
  • The mindset roadblocks authors experience and how to move beyond them.
  • Why vulnerability and a lack of perfection are gifts to your audience.
  • Why it’s important to take action, even when you don’t feel ready.
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