#050: Creating Meaningful Summits and High-Ticket Offers with Kris Safarova

#050: Creating Meaningful Summits and High-Ticket Offers with Kris Safarova

Kris Safarova is a best-selling author, recognized by Amazon, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal. She’s also the founder and CEO of FIRMSconsulting.com and StrategyTraining.com. Kris began her career as a concert pianist and then moved to South Africa to start her business career. She then started working for Deloitte Consulting and quickly moved up the ranks. Over time, Kris started to feel burned out and unfulfilled, which led her to start up her businesses. Today, she helps others fulfil their own missions, empowering people with the skills they need to do so.

Kris has two podcast channels that are top-rated in multiple countries. She also created a membership program and the largest online library for strategy and consulting practice building. Kris’ programs contain real, actionable advice that helps people see real results. She also offers coaching and a mastermind program. So many people are stuck in the rat race of an unfulfilling career and Kris provides her clients with the tools they need to be their own boss. She’s got some great tips on how to create summits and high-ticket offers that will wow your audience.

What’s Inside:
  • Kris’ journey from concert pianist to successful business owner.
  • How Kris created her high-ticket offer.
  • What Kris learned from hosting summits.
Mentioned In This Episode:


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