#060: High-ticket Group Coaching with Karen Ferreira

#060: High-ticket Group Coaching with Karen Ferreira 

Karen Ferreira is the founder of Get Your Book Illustrations. She helps children’s book authors master the process of writing, creating, publishing, and selling their books by providing all the know-how and expert support they need through online courses, coaching. Karen joins me today to talk about her high-ticket offers. Her current offering is a group coaching program called Children’s Book Mastery. Included in the program are weekly calls, a Facebook group, and guest speakers. It’s also a full year program, which she believes enables her to spend enough time to truly help her authors. 

Karen shares a behind-the-scenes look at how she created her coaching program, along with how she prices her offers. Having a shared Facebook group is a great way for people to see which questions everyone’s asking, as many people often have the same concerns. It’s also a great way for people to learn from each other. Karen’s program has a rolling admission process, and it doesn’t have a beginning or end, people can jump in at any time. Karen also shares how she funnels people into her coaching program through three-day bootcamps. If you’re interested in building a group program of your own, make sure you check out this episode.

What’s Inside:
  • How Karen started her company, Get Your Book Illustrations.
  • How Karen created her high-ticket group coaching program.
  • Karen’s method for building a pipeline of customers.
Mentioned In This Episode:

Children’s Book Mastery

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