#061: The Beauty of Franchising with Greg Mohr

#061: The Beauty of Franchising with Greg Mohr

Today, I’m with Greg Mohr who is a former corporate ladder climber, author, and business owner. Throughout his career, he’s owned several businesses, including dry cleaners, storage units, rental properties, and franchises. Greg’s helped hundreds of people invest in a number of different franchise units. We discuss a ton of great stuff here, like how to get into brick-and-mortar ventures from digital and owning versus being an owner-operator.

Greg started his experience with franchises back in high school when he ran a couple of Taco Bells. Eventually, he got his master’s degree and realized that if he wanted to get ahead in the world, the corporate environment wasn’t going to do it. He met some franchise consultants and fell in love with what they did. Today, he helps people go into business themselves and helps make their dreams come true. Greg walks us through the benefits of franchising and the different types you can get involved with. He also shares what you need to know about start-up timeframes, getting a return on your investment, and the best franchise types for digital entrepreneurs. If you want to get in touch with Greg, give him a call at 361-772-6401 or visit his sites below.

What’s Inside:
  • The pros and cons of franchising.
  • Different types of franchises and how to invest.
  • The perfect types of franchises for digital entrepreneurs.
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