#052: Writing for High Ticket Offers with Troy Broussard

#052: Writing for High Ticket Offers with Troy Broussard

Troy Broussard is a prolific author, entrepreneur, software developer, and high-end private coach. He’s also the founder of four SaaS platforms with more on the way. I’m also in his coaching program, full disclosure. What impresses me the most about Troy is that he’s so down to earth, shares his wisdom, and I thought he’d be the perfect person to discuss high ticket offers with. Troy got his start in writing for back-end sales, and he wrote his first book about it. He delayed writing it and then delayed the publishing process, which he says really cost him. Troy advises anyone who has an idea for a book to just get started. 

If you want to create a lucrative revenue stream on the back end, you’ll want to write a thought leader book, a methodology book, or what Troy calls a “positional authority” book. It helps to create your book with the end in mind and “sculpt” the content accordingly. If you’ve already written a book and feel like it was the wrong one, don’t panic – you can use that book as a lead generation tactic or a bonus. Some people feel that holding back content to get people to buy your products but providing people with as much valuable information as possible always leaves them wanting more. 

What’s Inside:
  • The types of books to write to create a back-end revenue stream.
  • Why you need to identify your ideal client.
  • The importance of building your reputation before selling a high-ticket offer.
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