#055: Done-For-You High-Ticket Offers with Paul Brodie

#055: Done-For-You High-Ticket Offers with Paul Brodie

Paul Brodie is a multi-best-selling author and the CEO of Brodie Consulting Group. He helps people share their stories with a proven system that works through book launch marketing, book publishing, and virtual summits. Paul’s launched over 70 consecutive best-selling books for his clients since 2015. I’m thrilled to have him on so he can share his high-ticket strategy with us. Paul started his book publishing journey after a health scare in 2015 and his story is super inspiring. He then started public speaking and others approached him for advice on how they could get their message out into the world. Paul started coaching and then started offering done-for-you services, including a virtual summit service.

Done-for-you services are great high-ticket offerings because you can guarantee results. Paul offers his clients the chance to position themselves as thought leaders in their industry. It can be easier to sell done-for-you services at a higher price because your potential clients can see the value. When pricing your programs, you have to be confident, but also realize that it will take time to scale. Many people start out coaching first and build content. Then, you can consider repackaging your services. Done-for-you services help you build credibility while getting your clients the results they desire. 

What’s Inside:
  • How Paul went from publishing his first book to selling high-ticket offerings.
  • How to scale towards offering high-ticket services.
  • Why done-for-you offerings make great high-ticket programs.
Mentioned In This Episode:


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